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Our Business English Training Programs

High-tech companies, accounting firms, law offices, consulting firms, you name it -- they all need to use English. No matter where your business takes you, the common denominator is the English language. Whether your focus is technical support, customer service, marketing and sales or human resources or finance - we address your specific work-related needs in order to ensure that your business English course is practical and effective right from the start.

Business English 

Our business English courses are tailor-made for managers and personnel in key positions. These courses incorporate business vocabulary, business writing and business communication skills. Each training program is developed in full cooperation with the client to ensure congruency of the objectives. The teaching process is personalized, intensive, and conducted in a stimulating atmosphere. 

General and Conversational English

Our general English programs are offered at three levels and are designed to meet each client's specific needs. These training programs incorporate a clear and systematic approach to teaching the language to enable students to progress quickly and gain skills and confidence in English communication.

Skype/Telephone Coaching Program

Our Skype/Telephone Individual Coaching Program is designed for intermediate to high-level English speakers who prefer to learn from their office or home, or while making the commute to and from their workplace. This program focuses on enhancing the learner’s already solid English communication skills by simulating daily interaction with their global contacts, with a strong emphasis on improving ease of speech and confidence as well as broadening and enriching their professional and daily vocabulary.


Technical-Professional English

We offer specialized technical English programs for factory workers as well as tailor-made professional courses for computer and hi-tech personnel. Client and industry specific vocabulary is incorporated into these programs.

Business English Workshops

TriEnglish offers a rich selection of workshops focusing on business communication skills relevant and practical in today’s business world. The major advantage of these workshops is that they are focused and cover each topic thoroughly. The following is a selection of our most popular workshops. 
For a complete list of workshops and for further information, please contact us.
  • Language and Cultural Tools for Relocation
  • Business Writing and Email Correspondence
  • Compelling Speeches and Presentations
  • The English Language as a Gateway to U.S. Corporate Culture
  • Effective Meetings & Negotiations
  • Socializing - Communicating Successfully in a Social Business Setting
  • Excelling at Your Job Search (including writing a winning CV, making a positive first impression and improving your overall interviewing skills in English)  
  • Going Abroad Without a Dictionary
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • The Importance of English in Today's Global Business Arena
  • Academic English
  • SOX Workshop for Accountants